Overseas Staff Insurance Portal

Welcome to MyMPI

This unique insurance portal offers resort staff employed by tour operators a way to review, monitor and understand the details of the policy that your employers have organised for you through MPI Brokers.

It's likely you came to this site because you received an email or SMS sent to you by your employer and it's a condition of your employment that you now register with this portal. It's where you will find useful information about the insurance that your employer has provided for you, along with additional, optional cover which require your actions. The insurance plan is shown in three parts where the basic Medical and Personal Liability, Part A, is provided to all staff and there are options for Part B and Part C that provide additional cover. 

The procedure for adding and the method of paying the premium for Parts B and C are shown on your account page, together with other information such as:

  • The Policy Wording
  • Claims procedure
  • Health check for any existing medical conditions

How does this process work?

Your MyMPI account belongs to you. You only need to register once and it's portable, so if you start work for a different employer who also arranges their insurance through MPI Brokers, then you can continue to use your MyMPI account. It allows you to see details of current and previous cover too.

Other questions...

"I got an email and an SMS from my employer telling me that I need to link myself to the policy they have set up... what now?"

If you've never heard of MyMPI and you don't have an account then the first thing to do is register by following the link your employers sent you. Once you've done that then you can log in and continue the process of linking your MyMPI account to your employer's insurance policy.

"I already did this once before and I already have a MyMPI account. Do I need to register again?"

No. You only need to register once and your account is yours forever. Once logged in, you can refer back to the insurance policy details from previous employers in case you ever need to and if your new employer has arranged your insurance through MPI Brokers, then you can link that new policy to you account too.

"Why do I need to do this?"
We want you to be fully informed about the insurance cover that you've been provided with. You employer has provided you with at least the basic medical cover... sometime they include more. You need to know the details and you MAY wish to add some extra elements of cover which is usually a much more cost effective way that buying seperate cover.
"What else does my account provide me?"
If you need to make a claim at any stage, then information on how to go about that process can be found here. You can also see details relating to any previous policy that you may have linked too... in case you need to refer to it again at any stage.

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